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For relaxation


Latvian sauna with the pool and the attendant

20 EUR per person for 3 hours (for no fewer than 4 people).

Joyful entertainment for groups (no fewer than 10 people) guided tours 50 Eur per person

Meeting at the Ānfabrika cliffs (a ritual for good luck) => Līgatne river salmon rout => visiting crafts house (crafting with masters) or the tales of the secret bunker => nature trails of the Vienkoču park, a walk with torchlights along the ravine to the river => delicious dinner in “Laimes ligzda” prepared by “Lustīgie meistari” => multi-media game/show “Field of Wonders”

Programme for groups of colleagues (no fewer than 10 people)

25 EUR per person (for groups of 10 people or more) Searching for the “Laimes ligzda” talisman => baking pies => multi-media game/show “Field of Wonders” => tasting of the warm pies => delicious dinner prepared by “Lustīgie meistari”

Outdoors game with checkpoints (by car).

Outdoors game with checkpoints (by car). On the road from Riga to “Laimes ligzda” => 60 EUR per car (no fewer than 10 cars). You will have to complete tasks and instructions while doing soul-searching and finding out for yourselves whether you know how to enjoy your life and your environment.